Schwinn Turismo Model 13-SC117 – Single Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Turismo 13-SC117

Single Jogging Stroller

The Schwinn Turismo 13-SC117 Single Jogging Stroller has a lot of great features for the active family.

The Schwinn Turismo is one great all around jogging stroller.

For example, to start off with, this jogging stroller folds up very easily so that you can put it in the backseat while you are on the move or for storing it away in the closet.

The double locking system ensures however that it will never fold up while in use.

The jogger comes with a car seat adapter that will work with most brands of car seats.

The adjustable handle bar allows for the comfort of multiple users of different heights.

An adjustable canopy provide shade for your little one and also has a built in MP3 Speaker.

The fleece seat pad is removable and machine washable.

Schwinn Turismo Jogging Stroller

Offers a Comfortable Ride

The rims are great looking, light weight aluminum.

The Schwinn Tursimo is equipped with big twelve (12) inch front tire and huge sixteen (16) inch back tires that are pneumatic, (air filled).

This allow for a very smooth ride for the comfort of the child and allows the parent to be able to push it effortlessly.

The light weight aluminum construction cuts down on the weight and makes it very easy to handle.

The jogger also has a spring shock absorbing system that keeps the baby comfortable even on the bumpiest of rides.

The Schwinn Turismo

Jogging Stroller

Remote Front Wheel Lock-Out

You get the best of both, a swivel wheel jogging stroller and fixed wheel jogging stroller with this model. Two for the price of one.

The Schwinn Turismo swivel wheel jogging stroller also comes with a ‘Remote Front Wheel Lock-Out’. This allows you to convert it from a front swivel wheel single jogging stroller into a fixed wheel single jogging stroller for running.

Schwinn Turismo

Single Jogging Stroller

Model 13-SC117

This mufti-functional jogging/running stroller is a great, light weight, sleek looking jogging stroller and has a lot of value for a great price.

This jogger has a lot of built in safety features, it is very easy to maneuver and is easy to fold and put in the car because it is so light weight.

Wouldn’t you like to have one? Get one today and start enjoying your time with your child.

Schwinn Turismo 13-SC117 - Single Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Turismo 13-SC117 – Single Jogging Stroller

The Schwinn Turismo single jogging stroller Model 13-SC117, purchase one now.

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